Frank Priegue

Frank Priegue (Pr-EEG) is a photographer by trade, but writing is his passion.  A native New Yorker and diehard baseball fan, he is a certified track and field coach, who has finished 14 marathons. 

Frank became a first-time father at 50.  No stranger to challenges he documents his latest; fatherhood in the blog I’m Not Grandpa.  Frank and his wife Esther are parents to an autistic child and are active within the autism community.


Writing Style

Conversational and informative, with a large dose of humor.  Frank is direct and not a fan of flowery language.

What Can He Do For You?

Frank’s writing is SEO friendly.  If you need to motivate, educate or inspire your readers, he will write the article or blog post you need.

If you have questions, comments, or inquiries, contact Frank at

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